Your acts in childhood can affect your whole life

Did you know that in Brazil, 1 in every 3 children from 5 to 9 years old suffers from obesity?¹
And that 56,9% of the Brazilian population suffers from overweight?¹
At this pace, Brazil will be the sole country in the world with the biggest number of obese people among its population in only 15 years.²

Sources: ¹IBGE and ²World Obesity Federation


This project aims to alert about the problems of child obesity and discloses the vital importance of a healthy diet.

The Super League was born from concerns which Gastromotiva and its students had related to the problems poor communities  have around child obesity and mal nutrition. Initially the Super League was solely part of the Community Action Work (CAW), which is run during the vocational kitchen training, and eventually outgrew the training program, by becoming an independent initiative.

Through a playful approach and with a games methodology, children and their caretakers (parents, caretakers, supervisors, school directors) learn basic habits and skills that will lead to a healthier diet and great wellbeing.


In 2015, Gastromotiva won a national award for Fighting Child Obesity, by the insurance company Amil. This validation encourages us to grow this work in the communities and we aim scale this work in order to secure better health of children towards more equal opportunities in the future.

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