A world full of challenges

In 2014, the world reported 201 million unemployed; almost 2 billion overweight and one third of all food produced for human consumption lost or wasted each year. Conversely, the food services sector represents 2.4% of Brazil´s GDP and 8% of direct jobs, while approximately 9.5 million work in the hospitality industry in the European Union and almost one third of the money spent on food in the USA is used to purchase away-from-home meals.    

We believe gastronomy has an immense power to transform and that is why we want to build a network of people and organizations to consolidate a movement able to catalyze and amplify all the possibilities that social gastronomy has to offer.

Our guiding principles are:

1. Provide training and entrepreneurial education as well as guide our student to obtain openings in the job market;


2. Promote training, emancipation and human development;


3. Construction of partnerships and networks, mobilizing society on issues of social responsibility through gastronomy;


4. Improve people’s health and wellbeing by means of food safety and gastronomy;


5. Reinforcement of regional cultural identities linked to customs and food traditions.

We hope to encourage initiatives, activities and contacts with social gastronomy entities, creating partnerships with these organizations and their beneficiaries, stimulating the propagation of these initiatives.