Using the transformative power of food and gastronomy to bring dignity, opportunity and wellbeing to people in need, and to respond to modern challenges, such as hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, and all challenges of our unbalanced food systems, is what we call



Who we are :

We are individuals who care as much about humanity and dignity as we do about food and its preparation.

We started as a network of chefs and food industry professionals, however we believe that everyone has a responsibility to make our food system not only sustainable but also more democratic and inclusive.

What we do :

As advocates for our peers, we bring to light the best Social Gastronomy practices from around the world, fostering collaboration between those parties and creating bridges between the principal actors who can ultimately collaborate on an ongoing basis to scale social impact in both global and local contexts.

As a Global Movement we aim to drive and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with concrete actions to create a healthy, empowered and equitable world by 2030, leaving no one behind.

Gastromotiva is one of the drivers and articulators for this network connecting people, initiatives and actions around the world to encourage and engage the hospitality market and food industry, as well as the food and health systems to become more inclusive, sustainable and equitable in the long term.

Our guiding principles are:

1. We believe that food can bring dignity, justice and fight prejudice. Having access to good food can restore people’s identities and traditions.


2. We support professional training, job creation and fair pay to all employees.  


3. We generate economic development and champion upward mobility, using the food and beverage sector to create entry-level jobs geared toward ongoing occupational growth.


4. We actively seek ways to bring fairly-priced, sustainable foods into underprivileged communities.


5. We fight malnutrition by providing fresh, natural foods to feed those who suffer from hunger.


6. We provide food education and access to a healthy diet for those who struggle with being overweight.


7. We strive to reduce waste and deal sustainably with any surplus we produce along the value chain until we reach zero food waste.


8. By understanding what others eat and must endure in order to eat, we acknowledge that food has the power to shed light on different realities and to help build a greater collective understanding of the human experience.


9. We recognize that preparing and serving food is a political statement. People have the right to maintain their food traditions and local cultures.


10. We believe in hospitality as an expression of humanity. Because it’s a common link, food can create empathy and open a door for companionship and dialogue.


11. We affirm that all people must have the rights to the same foods, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic group or socio-economic standing.

Our Objectives are:

1.Stimulating everyone to put initiatives into action and engaging the general public to take small actions in their daily lives that reflect the above principles.


2. Partnering with larger food industry players in becoming more socially responsible and forging strategic partnerships beyond the food sector to further empower our mission.


3. Advocating for concrete public policies, and legislations, to enable the food sector to become more inclusive.


4. Getting media to regularly report on, endorse and disseminate our message.


5. Educating consumers on seeking out Social Gastronomy institutions and vendors that are part of the movement.  


6. Making the path toward volunteering and donating resources more centralized and transparent.


7. Making Social Gastronomy initiatives more widely available, and known, to those who need them most.


8. Establishing an updated and well maintained multimedia platform that acts as an online home for the movement

We hope to encourage and inspire others to take action and connect to this global movement.