How Gastromotiva was born

In 2006, chef David Hertz decided to leave his position in a São Paulo restaurant in order to teach for free young people from low-income families how to cook in the kitchen of his own home. What began as the realization of a bold and innovative dream, became what Gastromotiva is today.

This dream was responsible for the first social project using gastronomy as a tool to promote education, jobs and income. The first initiative was Vocational Kitchen Training. To this day, training involves young people between the ages of 17 and 35 with family incomes of no more than three minimum wages, no professional qualification but with great potential and the desire to seek job opportunities. Since 2007, Gastromotiva has qualified over 1800 people in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, with between 70% and 80% of these graduates gaining employment in the year following training.

In 9 years, Gastromotiva has become a successful leader in the world of social responsibility.

Vocational Kitchen Training with a successful methodology
A network of well-known partners in the gastronomic market
Development of projects with large market companies
Recognition and influence in the third sector and in the business world

Food should not only taste good but also do good for society.

Gastromotiva not only wants to contribute to the qualification of the socially vulnerable but also to develop the theme of food in the community. We wish to further diversify our activities as there are still many issues concerning food such as wastage, poor health and high levels of obesity in the community. We also wish to make a contribution so that government policies are more efficient and actually generate the transformation we seek.