Gastronomy in Prisons Project

In early 2010, Dr. Jayme Garcia dos Santos Júnior, the consultant judge of the São Paulo Judicial Administrative Department, made contact with chef Alex Atala, to elaborate a cooking training inside the prisons. Alex Atala invited David Hertz, founder of Gastromotiva and a leading chef of social gastronomy in Brazil to develop the project.

The pilot project was put in action at Adriano Marrey male prison, in the city of Guarulhos in São Paulo in March 2011. During 2012 and 2013, Judge Jayme, David Hertz and Alex Atala worked to arrange resources to maintain the project, with the addition of new activities and making it a component part of government policy for prisons.

In December 2013, deputy Fernando Capez, through a parliamentary amendment, managed to collect resources for training and qualification of the project´s first class at the São Paulo Female Penitentiary. The instructors were former Gastromotiva students as well as chefs and cooks from D.O.M. and Dalva e Dito restaurants, both owned by chef Alex Atala.

Between July and August 2014, a second class qualified, composed of 32 female prisoners and three employees from the São Paulo Female Penitentiary. At the graduation, the Governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, the São Paulo State Higher Court of Justice, Appeals Court Judge José Renato Nalini, State Deputy Fernando Capez and other authorities were present. At the time, the Governor announced his intention of turning the project into a permanent program and a model of government policy.

In the period of December 2013 to August 2014, 60 women and three employees at the penitentiary concluded training. Eight of these women who either completed their time or were on probation, continued their qualification at Gastromotiva Vocational Kitchen Training. Three of them are already working in the gastronomical area.

During that same period, a “Gastronomic Area” was opened in the Penitentiary´s library as well as a “Mini Herbs and Spices Garden”.

Gastromotiva is attempting to reach an agreement with the Penitentiary Administrative Office for the possibility of new classes in the following year.