After more than 10 years successfully operating in Brazil we have started spreading our impact, taking our know-how and experience to new countries. In May 2016, Gastromotiva opened its first international subsidiary in partnership with a prominent grassroots operation, Group Son Restauranteur, in Mexico City, Mexico. After adapting its methodology to Mexican peculiarities, Gastromotiva has trained more than 200 students through an academic partnership with Aliat Universidades.

Also in 2016, Gastromotiva started a project in partnership with Infinity Culinary Training (ICT) in Cape Town, South Africa, to implement two activities: (i) an entrepreneurship course which goal is to generate income and jobs; and (ii) implement the successful methodology of Action Works in Communities ("Trabalho de Ação em Comunidades" - TAC).

In 2017, Gastromotiva started a project in partnership with World Food Program to support the implementation and development of local operations in El Salvador.

There are four mechanisms for abroad operations and expansion of Gastromotiva's impact abroad, which are:

  1. Subsidiary
  2. Franchise
  3. Program licensing
  4. Consultancy

If you feel that your city/country needs to use food and education as transformative tools, contact our International Social Impact Coordinator, Agnes Alencar at or +55(21) 4141-1367