Gastromotiva's Food Entrepreneurs Classes

More than 90% of food startups fail due to the lack of know-how and the right planning. Gastromotiva started addressing this failure rate for low-income community entrepreneurs.

The Gastromotiva Food Entrepreneurs Classes “Make it and Sell it” emerged after seeing some students with the capability and passion for entrepreneurship, as well as a personal limitation to leave the house for the whole day to go work in a kitchen.

The socio-economic profile is similar to the vocational training students, however the young adults that qualify for the food entrepreneurs course already have experience with food and cooking, or have an idea for, or an existent micro food establishment. The course aspires to enable the students to run a sustainable small business and to structure their enterprises in their own communities, increasing employment and income with the tools necessary to survive in this competitive world.


The course consists of 80 practical and theoretical lessons, and teaches the basics of pastry and baking, kitchen techniques, food entrepreneurship, financial planning, marketing, among others.

Similar to the vocational kitchen training the entrepreneurs training also focus on citizenship, encouraging personal development and empowerment of the students.

Once the training period is concluded, entrepreneurs are monitored for a six month period, and have the possibility to exhibit their products with our network and within the Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio.

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