Food's Entrepreneur Training

The Gastromotiva “Make it and Sell it” training aspires to promote social inclusion through gastronomy, focusing on vocational education for entrepreneurship and creation of income. With technical training, we qualify low-income entrepreneurs in confectionery and breadmaking as well as help these young people to structure their enterprises in their own communities, increasing employment and income. In addition to confectionery and breadmaking techniques, training also aims to achieve personal development, empowerment and entrepreneurship.  

Technical training and the personal development of students consist of an 80-hour curricular structure divided in to practical and theoretical classes. The practical module looks at the main techniques in breadmaking and confectionery, focusing on the “Make it and Sell it” theme. The focus of the theoretical module is on citizenship, encouraging personal development and empowerment of students.

Once the training period is concluded, entrepreneurs are monitored for a six month period.

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