Food as a transformation agent

Vocational Kitchen Training

The Vocational Kitchen Training is Gastromotiva's main course: it has transformed the lives of more than 3 thousand young people living in poverty but that have a passion for food and cooking.

We believe education is one of the fundamental ingredients for any country´s social development, which is why we invest in vocational training of young talents seeking opportunities to grow.

The training is free of charge for the carefully selected individuals to allow for a fresh start. Beyond the investment of our diverse sponsors, contributions come from an active restaurant network that also helps us place our apprentices in the job market, bridging an important skills gap.

All classes take place in professional kitchens offered by our academic partners in each city.


The methodology

The training comprises three main pillars that give Gastromotiva´s training a unique advantage in the market:

1) Technical skills - the teaching of practical and theoretical culinary art skills, including basic kitchen skills, pastry, baking, service, as well as hygiene and food safety.

2) Gastronomy at large - our students are expected to become the cooks of the future and therefore we bring the concept of eco-gastronomy, food waste cooking as well as the larger connection between man and nature closer to them throughout the teaching.

3) Personal development - the personal development and conduct of the students is a key element of the training. We not only prepare qualified professionals for the hospitality industry, but also aspire to form responsible and more conscious citizens that are all willing to give back to society. We are contributing to their personal and professional growth as well as the communities they live in. Each student has to participate in a Community Action Work (CAW) in order to graduate.

After the four month intensive program, where the students go through a deep process of transformation, they are presented with a variety of employment options inside a vast Gastromotiva restaurant network that desperately needs qualified and loyal employees.

Action work in communities

Community Action Work (CAW)

Gastromotiva´s students final assignment is the Community Action Work (CAW). It is a powerful and practical example of how we incorporate citizenship in our methodology since the beginning.

The students return to their communities organizing nutrition and health workshops, for kids and their families, in order to share what they learned from their training on a peer to peer basis. With the goal of informing, teaching and fighting child obesity and malnutrition, our students become multipliers and are enabled to help others change their lives and behaviors, through little actions. This allows the students to incorporate the organization´s values and principles, and they become empowered as disseminators of knowledge always representing Gastromotiva and Social Gastronomy in the future.

Since its creation, CAW we have influenced over 100.000 people of different communities.

Testimonials from Students