Food as a transformational agent

Many people wish to help their country but don´t know how. Gastronomy and the food and beverage sector have an immense potential for transformation: responsible for 9.3% of Brazil´s GDP according to 2011 ABIA (Brazilian Association of Food Industries) data; it is one of the main employers in major urban centers as well as being a rich environment for human development.

How about reducing social inequality?

Why not use the power of gastronomy, food and all its elements to transform society, bring people together and help reduce social inequality?

Why not give opportunities to thousands of young people to fulfill their potential?

Food should not only taste good
but also do good for society.

Where we work

Gastromotiva initially began operations in São Paulo in 2006, followed by Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and Salvador in 2014, and will soon open in other cities in Brazil and Latin America.

Currently, in addition to Vocational Kitchen Training, we encourage dissemination of Social Gastronomy in Brazil and worldwide, in order to show food´s powers to transform.

Awards and Recognition

Good work is always recognized.

Gastromotiva has become a bellwether in Brazil for its power to transform not only in the gastronomic market but also in the third sector. In the name of founder David Hertz, the organization has received awards and tributes which enhance the value to the initiatives and projects undertaken.


Gastromotiva´s essence is to promote social transformation through gastronomy in two ways:


We disseminate the potential of the Social Gastronomy Movement through lectures, events and other innovative experiences.


Education is a key element for change. We create and offer Vocational Kitchen Training for young talents as well as support for micro-entrepreneurs thereby engendering a multiplier effect.