The Gastromotiva Team

Gastromotiva is made up of people who are passionate about gastronomy and social change. Each one gives of their best to make this winning recipe grow even more!

The team is distributed in each one of the cities where the organization operates based on a simple organizational chart, each nucleus reporting to the main office in São Paulo.


Our team:

• Ana Beatriz Gemha
With an MBA in Social and Environmental Business Management and a Masters in Hospitality as well as a broad experience in the educational field, she is currently Gastromotiva´s Executive Director;

• Bruno Tavares
Graduated in Advertising and Marketing, he has worked in several advertising agencies. He is responsible for Gastromotiva´s communications;

• Erika Pavani
A tourismologist with professional experience in strategic planning in large financial institutions. She manages the organization´s administrative and financial areas;

• Ernani Vieira
With a degree in languages and post-graduation in distance learning, he is also Gastromotiva´s co-founder and is responsible for the organization´s educational management;

• Jessica Kibrit
A journalist, she has worked as a magazine editor and a press agent in the gastronomy area. Responsible for Gastromotiva Brazil Network;

• Jonathan Rabelo
A former Gastromotiva student, he is an assistant at Rio de Janeiro Vocational Kitchen Training and currently graduating in gastronomy at UNISUAM;

• Manuela Napchan
Graduate in International Relations, she is an intern at Gastromotiva;

• Marina Roseghini
A tourismologist with an MBA in Management, and part of the Gastromotiva team since 2010. She is responsible for management of the professionalization and gastronomic entrepreneurship projects at the Bahia nucleus;

• Olga Corch Simantob
A tourismologist certified in International Social Businesses from the Yunus Business Centre, with previous experience in the Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Private Social Investments areas. She is currently Gastromotiva´s projects coordinator;

• Renata Camargo
A former Gastromotiva student, she manages Vocational Kitchen Training in São Paulo and is graduating in Education from Anhembi Morumbi University;

• Samantha Souza
Graduated in History with a Masters in Social and Cultural History, she has experience as a social educator in other organizations. She manages Gastromotiva´s Rio de Janeiro nucleus;

• Stephanie Sacco
An internationalist who began her career working for large companies in recruitment and selection. Today she is responsible for the organization´s special projects and international events;

• Tarsila Lima
With a bachelor´s degree in Gastronomy, she has worked in several restaurants and as a Confectionery and Breadmaking instructor. She is an instructor of Vocational Kitchen Training as well as responsible for Gastromotiva´s entrepreneurship management in Salvador.

Supervising all activities and constantly bringing new ideas is David Hertz, chef and founder of Gastromotiva.

And last but not least members of our supervisory council

Gastromotiva relies on a very important group which supports the organization: our counsellors! People who donate their time and knowledge for the benefit of the organization´s development.

Our supervisory council:

• Bela Gil;
• Georges Schnyder Junior;
• Juan Carlos Reppucci;
• Katia Maria Barbosa Lopes;
• Patricia Rieper Leandrini Villela Marino;
• Pedro Henrique Cristoforo da Silveira​;
• Renata Carvalho Beltrão Cavalcanti Biselli;
• Renato Meirelles;
• Ricardo Garrido.

Fiscal council

• Fabiana Helen Midori Steele;
• Juan Carlos Reppucci;
• Manoela Figueiredo.