The Gastromotiva Team

Gastromotiva is made up of people who are passionate about gastronomy and social change. Each one contributes to making this winning recipe to impact peoples lives every day!

The team is spread throughout the cities where the organization operates, reporting to the main office in Rio de Janeiro.

David Hertz
Founder, President and Social Entrepeneur

• Nicola Gryczka


Our team:

• Agnes Alencar
Social Impact Project


• Bianca Aguiar
Project Advisor


• Carolina Pedro
Fundraising Coordinator


• Charlotte Schauss
Business Development Coordinator


• Jander Lima
Course Coordinator


• Larissa Bacanhim
Director Advisor


• Luis Malta


• Mariana Vilhena
Communication Coordinator


• Matheus Duarte
Project Coordinator


• Natalye Gembatiuk
Event Coordinator


• Patrícia Krepp
HR Analyst


• Samantha Souza
Social Impact Manager


• Thiago Rocha
Financial Analyst

• Gustavo Palencia
Course Coordinator (Gastromotiva El Salvador)

• Claudia Ramirez
Country Manager (Gastromotiva Mexico)

• Silvia Camacho
Course Coordinator (Gastromotiva Mexico)

Supervising all activities and constantly bringing new ideas is David Hertz, chef and founder of Gastromotiva.

And last but not least members of our supervisory council

Gastromotiva relies on a very important group which supports the organization: our counsellors! People who donate their time and knowledge for the benefit of the organization´s development.

Our supervisory council:

• Bela Gil;
• Georges Schnyder Junior;
• Juan Carlos Reppucci;
• Katia Maria Barbosa Lopes;
• Patricia Rieper Leandrini Villela Marino;
• Pedro Henrique Cristoforo da Silveira​;
• Renata Carvalho Beltrão Cavalcanti Biselli;
• Renato Meirelles;
• Ricardo Garrido.

Fiscal council

• Fabiana Helen Midori Steele;
• Juan Carlos Reppucci;
• Manoela Figueiredo.