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What is Gastromotiva

Gastromotiva is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) which aims to transform the lives of the socially vulnerable through food. And one way we do this is with Vocational Kitchen Training.

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What is Social Gastronomy

Social Gastronomy is a flag raised by Gastromotiva and has the support of several institutions and chefs around the world. It is how we use the food as an agent of transformation and change in people's lives, either directly or through public policies.
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Follow events

To disseminate the Social Gastronomy in Brazil and in the world, Gastromotiva participates in various events. You can follow them closely and understand our work.

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Food should not only taste good but
also do good for society

Food as an agent of transformation

Food has a great power to transform lives and it is with this resource that Gastromotiva works. We believe more and more people can transform their lives through gastronomy.

Education is key for change

We develop and offer vocational trainings for young people of low income and socially vulnerable; support programs for micro-entrepreneurs and qualification for multipliers.

Learning how to cook is not enough

We wish to qualify citizens who are more conscious and further prepared for the job market. Contributing to their personal and professional growth as well as the communities where they live.

We are not alone

We are a large network of organizations, gastronomic businesses, chefs and companies creating a movement to transform. This is the foundation of Social Gastronomy.

International Expansion


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the organization, Gastromotiva arrives in Mexico taking know how and experience of one decade dedicated to change people´s lives through gastronomy.

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Gastromotiva´s latest news


Gastromotiva in Mexico

Published on 2 de May de 2016

The International Gastromotiva team and our educational director are working to build Gastromotiva Mexico. That…

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Gastromotiva Great Food for a Better World 3rd edition

Published on 2 de May de 2016

May 3: another Gastromotiva historic event! The third edition of the benefit dinner Gastromotiva Great…

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Gastromotiva arrives in Mexico

Published on 17 de March de 2016

In the year that Gastromotiva celebrates 10 years, we celebrate the start of our activities…

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David Hertz on TED 2016

Published on 2 de March de 2016

On February, more than 70 speakers challenged the guests of “TED 2016: Dream” to dream…

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Gastromotiva on english TV

Published on 25 de February de 2016

In early January David Hertz was invited to participate in the show “CNBC Conversation” from…

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Captura de Tela 2016-02-25 às 09.52.31

David Hertz was featured in Davos

Published on 25 de February de 2016

The chef and founder of Gastromotiva David Hertz was invited to attend the World Economic…

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